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Networking & Relationships

Now that you are in college you are taking increasing responsibility for developing and accelerating your own future, both professionally and personally. Two of the most critical skills you will need to take effective control of your future are networking and developing significant relationships.  This course, including the content and networking development exercises will help you take charge of your future by developing these skills. You will get out of the course whatever you put into it. Let’s get started and good luck!

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Meet the Subject Matter Expert

Jack Killion is a repeat entrepreneur who has successfully founded and sold companies for over five decades. A McKinsey alum, Jack has also been an adjunct professor at Rutgers University, Montclair State University, and Fairleigh Dickinson University.  Jack is a frequent public speaker and author with diverse business publications including Citi’s web site for small to mid size companies, New York Enterprise Report and the New York Law Journal.

He holds degrees from Yale and MIT and has taken classes at Harvard Business School.

Jack Killion

Successful Entrepreneur and Founder

Course Details

Suitable for: College students at 2- and 4-year institutions seeking to improve their networking skills.

Great for: In-person, online or blended learning.

  • Developed by a successful repeat entrepreneur and an expert in the field
  • Lessons are built around the way students today learn- video first, reinforced by content and assessment
  • Select from 9 lessons with curated and sequenced activities
  • Students can take notes and message classmates right in the application
  • Web-based and accessible through our iPad app
  • Student engagement reports
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Using Your Institution's Career Center

Learning Objectives

  • Familiarize yourself with the resources available in your Career Services center.
  • Understand the timing of applications for internships and full-time positions.
Introduction to Networking

Learning Objectives

  • Build an understanding of how people define networking.
  • Describe different approaches to building a network.
  • Become familiar with the benefits of successful networking.
Lesson 1 — Networking Basics

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the differing definitions of networking.
  • Describe why networking is important to everyone.
  • Evaluate your networking skills.
  • Understand why referrals are important and how best to use them.
Lesson 2 — The Four Types of Networkers and Which You Should Be

Learning Objectives

  • Compare and contrast the four different types of networkers.
  • Identify which type of networker is most appropriate for you.
  • Understand the differences in networking between millenials and Generation X’ers.
Lesson 3 - The Ways You Can Network

Learning Objectives

  • Define the four ways people network.
  • Understand how to network online.
  • Practice serendipitous and targeted networking, assess your own performance.
Lesson 4 — Networking as a College Student

Learning Objectives

  • Describe why college is a good place for networking.
  • Understand how to overcome shyness.
  • Identify ways to build your personal brand.
Lesson 5 — How to Network At Events

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the ways to effectively network at events.
  • Identify best practices for follow-ups, including email.
Lesson 6 — Networking In Groups

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how best to politely, and effectively, network in groups.
  • Identify target groups you may want to join and why.
Lesson 7 — Getting the Job You Want

Learning Objectives

  • Create a Career Development Action Plan.
  • Describe how to build an effective resume.
  • Assemble a career advisory team.
Lesson 8 — Where To Go From Here

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to use networking to further internship and job searches.