Results-focused Features

Features for Professors

Easily Editable

Junction courses are easy to customize – add lessons, change titles or swap a set of slides – all point and click.

Best-in-Class Assessments

Go beyond multiple choice with dozens of item types including mathematical and chemical equations, matching, graphing, hotspots, audio and more. Include hints or feedback and tests grade themselves saving you time.

Real-time Insights

Get real-time student engagement indicators and time on task in addition to assessment scores. Junction Beacon, our early-alert system, is built into every course. Helping students succeed isn’t just your mission, it is our’s as well.

LMS Integration

Blackboard? Canvas? Moodle? Get Single Sign-On (SSO) and gradebook integration with all major LMS platforms. If you’re a Google school you’ll be up and running in just minutes.

Features for Students

Engaging Videos

We know students love videos, no need to scour YouTube, Vimeo or anywhere else. The best available, all right here, in one place.

Cloud Delivered

Start a session on your laptop in the library, continue on a tablet on the bus and finish on your smartphone before work. No problem.

Learning GPS

Adaptive courses, personalized experience. Only Junction provides personalized guidance, to the minute, of where to focus during each study session.

Real-time Messaging

Need help? Message anyone in your class at any time – without needing to know their email address or phone number.