We’re On a Mission

Our Vision

We believe in empowering instructors to take more control over hybrid and online learning, supporting busy students with more intuitive and focused learning interfaces, and engaging administrators to improve returns from their investments.

Dollars, minutes and moments are all scarce so let’s make the most of them.

Vineet Madan

Vineet Madan

Founder & CEO

Vineet Madan is the Co-Founder & CEO of Junction Education and has been on the forefront of the digital transformation of education since writing a light-ray diffraction simulator on an Apple IIe in the 1980’s. A first-time entrepreneur and long-time intrapreneur he launched interactive textbooks on the iPad with the likes of Inkling and Apple, scaled adaptive learning into colleges with Area9 and laid out the original product strategy and go-to market plan for McGraw-Hill’s Acuity formative assessment platform. Junction is the next step taking lessons learned from publishing around curation, aggregation, layout and design and applying them to a screen first experience. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Finance and Economics – both from Columbia University.

Derek Wessler

Derek Wessler

Co-Founder, Chief Customer Officer

Derek Wessler is the Co-Founder and VP Sales and Marketing for Junction Education. As a student, he spent hours in front of a textbook thinking there must be a better way. Derek started Junction to find that better way, and to make learning more interesting for students and to make teaching simpler for professors. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience working with students and professors while at McGraw-Hill both in the US and Internationally. Derek holds a B.S. from the University of Southern California and an MBA from New York University where he was a Directors Fellow.

Who We Are

Passionate innovators, seasoned executives and lifelong learners. Change starts at the individual level so we’re dedicated to working with instructors, students and administrators.

Our Experience

We’ve worked together over the years to solve some of the hardest problems in technology, media, financial services and healthcare. We’ve invented and launched new products, crafted unique partnerships, opened sales channels and created market spaces. With 35+ years of experience, and over a decade now pushing the digital frontier in education, we’ve realized the future is brightest when we work closely with all of you to make things happen.

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