Today, we’re pleased to share the news that Fountainhead Press is bringing to market easy-to-use, customizable, adaptive courseware and digital workbooks using Junction.

“In the last year, we’ve evaluated just about every digital learning platform on the market but had difficulty finding one that met our needs” said Scott Timian, CEO of Fountainhead Press. “When we saw Junction it was immediately apparent that their attention to detail, intuitive design and expansive feature set would best enable our authors and editors to build the amazing, and affordable, digital learning products we’ve been thinking about. We had to have it.”

It’s an exciting spring at Junction! For more details, see the release below.

Fountainhead Press Expands Roster of Clients Licensing Junction Education’s Adaptive Courseware-as-a-Service Platform

As the spring semester wraps up on college campuses, the higher education instructional materials market continues to accelerate towards easy-to-use, engaging, affordable and eco-friendly products. Fountainhead Press has joined the list of market-leading publishers licensing Junction Education’s award-winning adaptive courseware platform to build their next-generation digital products and services.