How do I pay for a Junction course?

You generally have a few options on how to pay for a course on Junction which depend on how your instructor has opted to configure access:

  1. Go to your campus bookstore and inquire about an access code card for your course.  In some cases you’ll find a physical card stocked on the bookshelf under your course number, in other cases you may have to go to the register and supply them with your course number.  When you pay they will print the access code on your receipt.  In either case please hold on to the access code as you’ll need to redeem it within Junction when prompted.
  2. Pay for access directly within Junction.  Most courses provide for courtesy access for the first week or two of class after which you’ll see a pop up after you log in prompting you to pay before continuing to access your course materials.  Payment can be made via credit card securely online or via redemption of a bookstore purchased access code from option 1.

These are the only authorized channels for purchasing Junction access codes.  If you procure a code card or access code via another channel (eBay, Craigslist, etc.) you will have to contact your point of purchase regarding returns, replacements or other issues.


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