As our roster of content partners, institutional partners and OER course adopters is growing at an accelerating rate we’ve spent the last few months working on something that should make all of your lives easier – improved help docs, FAQ’s and… our first bot service all wrapped up together as Junction Assist.

junction assist button and pop up

Pressing the new ‘Assist’ button in the header bar will bring up a chat window in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.  You can navigate to the new Help Center from here or send a message with a question or issue.  Want to take a peek?  Click on the image below to be taken straight to the updated Help Center.

help center

If you can’t find a response to your question, feel free to ‘Send a message’ from the chat box where our bot will interpret your inquiry and suggest a response to one of our human support reps.  Yes, in this alpha release the bot won’t be responding directly but will recommend a response which our team members will then review and share (or modify) as appropriate.  Once the bot’s responses have been tuned we’ll let it loose later this semester.  We’re not short on ideas on how to seamlessly incorporate Junction Assist into your workflows, where do you think we should take it next?

Have a great Spring!