Data, reports, analytics – the chatter is everywhere and you can’t take five steps at any education conference without being enveloped by the discussion.  So how exactly can we start using data – today – in an unobstrusive way to help facilitate and improve student learning?


At Junction, this is one of the problems that we’re working with educators to try and solve.  Today we take another step with the launch of our behavior-driven alert system, Junction Beacon™.  Junction Beacon™ can reach outside Junction to contact students via email and SMS to encourage them to visit the application and build positive study behaviors – everything from engaging with peers to understanding how much time they could be studying in order to improve understanding and mastery.


Junction Beacon™ is available today for all Junction users and, like many of the things we’re adding, carries no surcharge, upcharge or additional fees.


We have big plans for Junction Beacon™ let us know if you’d like to try it, along with the rest of Junction, with your students this semester – we’re offering a one-week free trial to qualified classes.  Drop us an email and we’d be happy to get you set up.