Meet the Expert

Robert Powell, Editor of TheStreet’s Retirement Daily, is longtime financial journalist, and a regular contributor to TheStreet, Income Seeker and USA Today. He also serves as editor of the Retirement Management Journal, a peer-reviewed professional journal and program/curriculum director of the online Retirement Management Analyst program at Salem State University.

Previously, he served as editor of Retirement Weekly; was managing director of Dalbar, a mutual fund research and publishing concern; and managing director of Acadient, an online financial education company.

He has written about personal finance, investments, and retirement since 1986.

Personal Finance Essentials

Personal Finance Essentials takes you on an informative journey through the Four Pillars of Money – Earning, Saving/Investing, Spending, and Charity – under the stewardship of TheStreet’s personal finance and retirement guru, Robert Powell.

Successful completion of this course will enable you to achieve an online badge from TheStreet indicating mastery of the topics covered in this course.


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Engaging Content

Topics are introduced with short, engaging videos. Text readings, expert videos, and reviews of real situations with real people bring Personal Finance to life.


Personalized Experience

Use the screening questions to get a personalized playlist or work through each module and take the quizzes at the end. It’s personal finance – your way.

Easy to Use

All material is loaded and ready-to-go, including videos, readings, quizzes and practice activities. No plugins or downloads and available on any device.

Great Value

Understanding the basics of personal finance will help you better manage your income and expenses, minimize tax exposure, and insure a healthy financial future.

Course Details

Module 1 — Introduction to Money Management
  • Determine how much you should be saving to reach your financial goals
  • Your credit score and ways you can improve it
  • Advice on home buying and mortgages from Barbara Corcoran as well as Jonathan and Drew Scott of HGTV’s Property Brothers
  • Getting the best deal on buying or leasing a car
Module 2 — Risk Management and Employee Benefits
  • How much life insurance you need and how to choose the best policy, including an interview with Dr. Oz on living healthy
  • Ways to get the lowest premiums on auto and property insurance
  • Maximizing the value of your employee benefits package
Module 3 — Investment Management
  • Making money in the stock market
  • Diversification and how to manage it in your portfolio
  • Alternative investments, such as bitcoin and options
  • Traditional or Roth 401(k): The right one for you
  • Reducing taxes through asset allocation
Module 4 —Tax Basics
  • Maximizing the tax benefits of rental income and mortgage interest
  • Managing your withholding from your paycheck
  • Tactics you can use to legally reduce your tax burden
  • Tax-efficient methods for withdrawals
Module 5 - Retirement and Income Planning
  • What should you be doing leading up to retirement
  • Retirement issues specific to women
  • How much social security you can count on
  • Everything you need to know about Medicare, including all 4 parts and common myths about Medicare