The music department had launched a new computer lab with large-screen iMac’s and all kinds of connected audio equipment


Partnered with the department chair to build an immersive music appreciation lesson that could be delivered in a live lab setting with out of class access on touchscreen tablets or computers


"This is sooo much better than Blackboard! It really helps me focus on learning”

“I can find everything in one place, and it’s so easy to use.”

Students enrolled in the class
Project Details
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    Montclair State University
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  • Date:
    Fall Semester, 2013
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What Professors Say

“When my students used Junction before class we ended up having the best discussion I’ve ever had in over a decade teaching this course.”


“I've had a chance to review what you sent & I have to say I am BLOWN AWAY.”


The use of the Junction platform increased the students’ motivation and success. Nearly everyone was highly engaged during the lesson and excited to share their results. By delivering the Junction-based lesson on gas laws prior to covering the concepts in lecture the students understanding and retention of the material improved


The Junction team is awesome


The Junction team is friendly, accessible and were able to turn around changes to my lesson very quickly. The team was patient and explained the platform’s capabilities thoroughly recommending functionality that hadn’t initially occurred to me when formulating the lesson. They were highly receptive to feedback and brought to life exactly the lesson that I had envisioned

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